Iced Green Tea with Jasmine, Apple, and Honey

Every summer since high school my friends and I go to Hampton Beach, NH.  It started as an exciting adventure to leave NY when we first got our licenses, but has become so much more.  It has provided a reason for us to get back together after moving away to college and getting jobs in far away places.  Yesterday we made a day trip out; 7 hours on Hampton Beach is completely worth the 8 hour drive.  On the long drive home we listened to some excellent music by our favorite bands from high school, some of which include: Meat Loaf, Queen, Don McClean, Blink 182, Shakira, and of course, songs from Rent and Disney.  Apparently singing my heart out did a number on my vocal cords and I woke up without a voice.  I knew I had to make something to soothe my throat.  This Iced Green Tea with Jasmine, Apple, and Honey has done just that.

10 tsp green tea with jasmine, or 5 tsp green tea and 5 tsp jasmine tea
2 cups just-under-boiling water
3 cups cold water
2 cups apple juice, or to taste
honey, to taste
a pinch of baking soda, optional

When making iced tea it is important to double the amount of tea per serving as it requires a double strength infusion.  Also, only steep the tea for the correct amount of time because over steeping can make your tea bitter by drawing out too much tannin.  It is the amount of tea, rather than the brewing time, that determines the strength of tea.

Put your tea in a large pitcher.  You can use loose tea or tea bags.  If you use loose tea be sure to strain all the leaves out.  Pour just-under-boiling water over tea leaves and let steep for 3 minutes.

After steeping, remove tea.  Add in cold water.  If the tea tastes too bitter, add in a pinch of baking soda.  This helps to soften the tannins.  Place your pitcher in the fridge for 1 hour.  Add in apple juice and honey to taste.  I usually use about 1 tbs honey.

Serve over ice and enjoy!


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