Earl Gray Hot Cocoa

Here is a flavorful concoction incorporating two of my favorite things: Chocolate and Tea.  With bergamot (orange) scented milk this Earl Gray Hot Cocoa is sure to please any adventurous epicure.


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Iced Green Tea with Jasmine, Apple, and Honey

Every summer since high school my friends and I go to Hampton Beach, NH.  It started as an exciting adventure to leave NY when we first got our licenses, but has become so much more.  It has provided a reason for us to get back together after moving away to college and getting jobs in far away places.  Yesterday we made a day trip out; 7 hours on Hampton Beach is completely worth the 8 hour drive.  On the long drive home we listened to some excellent music by our favorite bands from high school, some of which include: Meat Loaf, Queen, Don McClean, Blink 182, Shakira, and of course, songs from Rent and Disney.  Apparently singing my heart out did a number on my vocal cords and I woke up without a voice.  I knew I had to make something to soothe my throat.  This Iced Green Tea with Jasmine, Apple, and Honey has done just that.

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Chocolate Iced Coffee

Anyone who knows me would say that my drink of choice is tea.  But dare I say that ever since grad school I have become quite partial to iced coffee. I guess I need that extra burst of caffeine to get me through the day.  Of course, I have to load it up with sugar to the max to make it tolerable, but it is definitely growing on me.  I can never bring myself to buy an iced coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts, however, when the craving strikes I luckily have this delicious recipe to fall back on.

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